Techpolis’ three service portfolios focus on four key priority areas.

What We Did

TechPolis addressed the fundamental aspects of the wireless technology industry–spectrum, licensing, mobile standards transitions, new market entry. We also specialized in proactive consulting on the strategic relationships between regulation and emerging technologies.


  • Business Development: scouting technology ecosystems, helping new technologies reach new markets
  • Policy and Regulation: opening regulatory space for new technologies and managing the impact of technology in society
  • Spectrum Policy: new spectrum bands, re-farming and spectrum management innovations
  • Trade and Industrial Policy in the Electronics’ Sector: value creation in global value chains

A lot of our focus recently was on three cutting-edge, interconnected technology areas:

IoT and Smart Cities: Support for entry in new markets, including market research and client relationship building.

The Path to 5G: The next generation of mobile technologies (5G) combines evolution and revolution, with the potential to transform every aspect of life. As it sweeps on, 5G will force some technology leaders of today out of business and new leaders to rise. We focused on spectrum, ecosystem and strategy for 5G.

Industry 4.0: A set of new, converging technologies—the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR), and 3D Printing—will revolutionize industrial production in the next 10 years, and indeed has already started to do so. TechPolis advised companies and governments on how to best position themselves in global value chains in the electronics sector, including trade policy.


  • Thought Leadership
    Deep analysis of regulatory / policy cases through white papers and presentations, including responses to regulators’ public consultations and direct advice to ICT ministries and regulatory agencies.
  • Industry Coalitions

    Leveraging our vast professional network across continents and deep knowledge of local business environments, we support market access.

  • Advocacy campaigns
    Design and execution of advocacy campaigns including media strategies and mapping of decision-making structures.

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