woman with cellphone in fvrom of the Eiffel Tower

‘Le Tour de 5G’

Author: Martyn Roetter
Published: 2020-07-10

The future of 5G in France has been the topic of several public policy and regulatory initiatives following the country’s early auction of 700 MHz spectrum for mobile services in 2015. However, despite early progress and the best intentions, France is more than a year behind many of its neighbors in launching 5G.  With commercial 5G services available in ten …

Can Alcântara Compete Against Kourou?

Author: Ricardo Tavares
Published: 2019-05-27

Twenty-years ago Brazil signed a space-technology safeguard agreement (TSA) with the United States.  It was intended to be a preamble for American companies to launch satellites from Brazil’s Alcântara Space Center, well-positioned at 2.3 degrees south of the Equator where heavy loads can be lifted off with fuel savings and better angles.  The agreement went for approval in the Brazilian …